ネルソン・レイエス(Project Colombia)


ネルソン・レイエス (Nelson Reyes)

所属:Project Colombia CEO
職種:CEO & Founder


Visionary. Expert in developing innovative and sustainable solutions through co-creation and Design Thinking processes. Believes strongly that innovation is the main driver of economic and social development in countries.




Design Thinking(デザイン思考)

Design thinking refers to the set of cognitive, strategic and practical procedures used by companies, entrepreneurs, designers, policy makers in the process of designing and creating services and products. It is a non-linear, iterative process that teams use to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test. Involving five phases—Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test—it is most useful to tackle problems that are ill-defined or unknown.



Agile methodologies: Scrum, Design Thinking, Design Sprint,
Service Design, Lean Startup.
Innovation and Business Strategist
Business Development and Entrepreneurship
Digital Transformation
4th Industrial Revolution
Customer Success


Co-founder, Innovation and Business Transformation Consultant
Project Colombia – Innovation Agency
15/04/2013 to present

El Rosario University
06/2021 – 12/2021

Sergio Arboleda University
University Professor
06/2019 – 12/2020

Max Media S.A International
Business Consultant
10/10/12 – 31/01/14

Colombian Embassy (London)
Legal and Commercial Adviser
10/01/11 – 31/01/12

Employment Appeal Tribunal (London)
07/01/08 – 15/01/09

Islington Council (London, United Kingdom)
12/10/03 – 15/12/07


BA in International Law and International Politics
London Metropolitan University, UK
英国ロンドンメトロポリタン大学 国際法と国際政治(学士)

MSc International Public Policy
University College of London (UCL), UK
英国ロンドンユニバーシティカレッジ 国際公共政策 (修士)

Master Innovation Strategies and Entrepreneurship
European Institute of Design, Barcelona (IED)
イノベーション戦略とアントレプレナーシップ (修士)
スペイン・バルセロナ ヨーロッパデザイン学院

 YLAI Fellow 2018 – Washington, US
Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative
アメリカ大陸ヤングリーダー・イニシアチブ プログラム
2018年度 YLAIフェロー